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The IT sector has increased its contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.7% in 2017. This sector has proven to be a major source of income to the nation as well as various job opportunities. Due to major shift of the world towards the digitalization this industry has become the soul of great innovations in India.

But due to invoke of Corona virus in India, the Government had to put a leash on all the sectors of industry and have closed the companies from a month now. These will adversely affect the future of many job seeking students in an upcoming months or year…!

  • Extension of Lockdown may result in Job cuts in IT industry: FORMER NASSCOM!


NASSCOM former president R Chandrashekhar has said that the work-from-home culture may become a positive development in the long run as it opens up newer avenues and save investments by IT firms.

“NASSCOM former president R Chandrashekhar said the work-from-home systems being adopted by several firms across the globe, including India, may have a negative impact on the industry in the short-term, but in the long run it would change the work culture which hitherto was not experienced by many of the IT firms in India.”

The former president of NASSCOM also said that the big companies won’t be cutting jobs, as they can’t give up on their permanent employees and good workers. Although the work from home concept has been introduced in India it will take some time to get habitual of it.

The company will take following actions :

  • These multinational companies will pay their employees from their remaining amount in stock. But they have to give up on the workers who were on the temporary basis or the interns.
  • He also added saying that
          “But beyond a point that it goes on, for let us say, two months or three months, then even for them, they will feel the pressure. They may not just keep on providing subsidies to the employees.
  • What about the current Jobs of Employee?


If this goes on for a few months then there will be shrinkage in the demand of IT professionals. The small firm won’t be capable to pay to the employee of the company. The lockdown condition across the globe will cause in reduction to the services offered on other platforms. So the companies won’t have choice to remove the non required workers rather than paying them without profiting.

The multinational companies won’t easily remove the employees, but if the lockdown goes for above 3 months then they will also get pressure to do so.

Former chairman of NASSCOM, B V R Mohan Reddy said a clear picture as to what is going to happen has not yet emerged as the situation with all respects is still evolving.

Reddy said there will be a demand shrinkage for the IT industry as the entire world is under stress.

“There is no economy in this world that is going to do well in this situation.”

  • Work From Home Concept :


Many employee are trying to put their efforts to get the job done by staying indoors. This would let them to earn and don’t have to lose their jobs,

So due to the alarming crisis of COVID-19 it was necessary to take these measures and change the way of progress in the country. Although the lockdown has been tough, but it has increased the rate of evolution of humans.

To take a leap towards some productiveness the new ways to the work have arisen. Many employees are working from home to make this situation less worse.

  • Marking the concept of Work -From -Home Chandrashekhar said that

“The work-from-home systems being adopted by several firms across the globe, including India, may have a negative impact on the industry in the short-term, but in the long run it would change the work culture which hitherto was not experienced by many of the IT firms in India.”



As it was the season of placement for all the students going through the final year. But I think this pandemic have spill the water on all their efforts. The students of various fields especially Engineering have no idea whether they will get placed or not. The question has remain the same! If the lockdown goes on for further months then the students won’t get their jobs and everything will be standstill for their carrer .

Upon Asking some Final Year students about the issues faced they answered as follows:

“I was eagerly waiting for the placement season and to land my first job. We had been attending special modules geared towards preparing us for job interviews, but now we have no idea if the placement sessions will happen any time soon,” said Sai Lakshmi, a student of commerce in SMS Arts College in Coimbatore.

“ It was a toss-up for me between preparing for an MBA and looking for a job. I decided that I would work for a few years before pursuing higher education to shore up my finances and gain experience. But with the current situation, I wish I had opted to study instead, as I don’t know if I will get a job at all,” rues N Srikanth, a final year Mechanical Engineering student in Datta College, Mumbai



What Should Computer Engineering Students Do in Lockdown?

  1. Join Online courses.
  2. Try to solve Aptitude Questions at home.
  3. Go through various sites to learn new things.
  4. Increase the knowledge of Coding
  5. Learn your weakness and overcome them.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT : Improve your Communication Skills as they are very much needed in this sector.

I hope all you guys will try your best to get your lockdown days being productive.After recession it will be very difficult for the students to get placed .So if you are standing different among the mob and have speciality then you only have a chance to get selected. So do well guys! HOPE FOR THE BEST AND MAY THIS LOCKDOWN ENDS SOON …..!

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